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singer songwriter & guitarist



happenstance (Hubris Records HUB007) 
UK distribution: Proper Music Distribution 
Released: 2nd September 2013


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Steve Tilston Trio are:

Steve Tilston

Lead vocal, acoustic guitar, 8 – string guitar (octar), bowed guitar (arpeggione).

Stuart Gordon

Violin and vocals. Additional instruments: viola, mandolin, soprano, baritone and bass ukuleles, harmonium, piano and various percussion.

Keith Warmington

Harmonica and vocals.


Beulah Road (TILSTON)

sample clip:  

      Beulah Road

A beautiful Autumn day and I found myself ‘motivating’ up through Wales, from Mumbles up to Merseyside. On a stretch called the Beulah Road, I stopped, climbed up the ‘Sugarloaf ‘hill and soaked up the beautiful vista.

2 Blues For The North Wind (TILSTON)

The  first winter I experienced in the Yorkshire Pennines, I quickly discovered what ‘wuthering’ meant. A revisiting of an older song of mine.

3 Courting Is A Pleasure (Trad arr.TILSTON)  

sample clip:  

      Courting Is A Pleasure

A lovely traditional Irish song that, quite rightly, has many  fine versions. Despite the song’s title, the narrator does not appear to derive much pleasure from the situation.

4 Far Side Of The World (TILSTON)

A song of sailing to the southern seas in days gone by, all for the love of Nancy.

5 Song Of The Wandering Aengus (YEATS/TILSTON)

Some poems seem to ache for a musical setting and a good number of other songwriters have done just that to this beautiful WB Yeats poem.

6 Sometimes In This Life (TILSTON)

sample clip:  

      Sometimes In This Life

This song I wrote in the late 1970s somehow seems to demand a revisitation on a regular basis. A kind of secular hymn to the big happenstance of life.

7 Rocky Road (TILSTON)

A song I wrote for Fairport Convention late last century, that I have now borrowed back.

8 Martin Said To His Man (Trad arr TILSTON)

An arrangement of a very old traditional song that probably dates back to the 16th century, playing out with a couple of goes round the Elizabethan Serenade, from the pen of the immortal Ronald Binge.

9 Jimmy’s Train (GUIFFRE/TILSTON) 

sample clip:  

      Jimmys Train

A homage to two Jims. A musical melding of two pieces from the great Jazz saxophonist Jimmy Guiffre, ‘Train & The River,’ and part of the ‘Crawdad Suite,’ with a few link passages of my own. Hats off too to the inspired guitarist Jim Hall who, I strongly suspect, had a substantial input in the original compositions.

10 Jam Tomorrow (TILSTON)

A song for all those young people sold short of a future and caught in a cruel sleight of hand of diminishing opportunities.

11 Let’s Face The Music And Dance (BERLIN)

A masterful song from Irving Berlin that I originally learned to perform at my eldest daughter Sophie’s wedding…not the song she was expecting.

12 Sentimental (WARMINGTON)

Keith writes about one song every  five years, but he’s written some crackers and this is my favourite.

13 Little Norris (GORDON)

An instrumental piece from Stuart, dedicated to Trudy & Richard Howell and named after their wonderful Devonian farmhouse, where a substantial amount of this album was recorded.

Produced by Stuart Gordon and Steve Tilston

Recorded in Bristol, Devon and Hebden Bridge.

Digital Mastering by Paul Whittington, The Longhouse, North Somerset

Cover painting by Sophie Tilston

Photographs by Richard Howell ( Keith and Stuart) and Paul Floyd Blake (Steve)

Sleeve design and artwork Jerome Dineen (

© 2013 Hubris Records

Hubris Records PO Box 100, Hebden Bridge HX7 9AB