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singer songwriter & guitarist

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Links to reviews, info, photos etc. on other sites:

The Reckoning – 4-star reviews:
The Guardian
The Observer
The Scotsman

SingSong Press News – Of Many Hands

Steve Tilston – famed folk guitarist, songwriter

Steve Tilston – Biography

Classic folk reissue from Market Square

“An Acoustic Confusion” CD Scenescof CD 1002

SONGS FROM THE DRESS REHEARSAL – Released: March 7, 2005

Woodman Folk Club – Review 17 October 2003

Slip Jigs and Reels – (Lyrics and Chords)

Acoustic Guitar Central – Such and Such,6022,REVIEWS-1.asp

10 Questions


FAME Review: And So It Goes

Live @ Cropredy 13/8/2004

Live Hemistry: Live Recordings From the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn

annA rydeR stufF witH otheR peoplE @ the Maltings Christmas concert

The Weeley Festival 1971

The Fairport Support Tour @ The Marr’s Bar – 14/4/02

Gearbox. January 1998


Rambles – Songs from the Dress Rehearsal

Rambles – Such & Such

Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury February 2001

Review – An Acoustic Confusion

Midi music file of ‘Rare Thing’