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Steve Tilston Chronology


Steve records first album, An Acoustic Confusion on the Village Thing label. Melody Maker, Album of the Month
Rod Stewart likes it and orders a box to give to friends.


Records 2nd album, “Collection,” for Transatlantic Records and MCA in the US, where his style is beginning to develop a fan base. Tours Scandinavia with Fairport Convention and Mott The Hoople.
Booked to represent Britain in a musical capacity at the Munich Olympics, but appearance was cancelled due to terrorist activity.


Moves to Bristol. Continues touring Europe & Scandinavia.


Sets up own Cornucopia Record label and releases 3rd album, Songs From The Dress Rehearsalwith support from Mike Giles (King Crimson), John Parry and pre-fame Rupert Hine, who also produced.


Moves back to London. Secures publishing deal and concentrates on writing, performing mainly around London with his band, Loose Shoes. Meets and marries singer Maggie Boyle.


Back to Bristol, Steve forms and performs with his own rock band and releases In For A Penny In For A Pound on the TW label. Also performs in an acoustic/folk duo with Maggie Boyle and the two become part of a group of touring musicians for the Ballet Rambert Dance Company which then tours Europe, Egypt and Jordan.


Helps set up Run River Records and records its first album, the highly-acclaimed Life By Misadventure.


Records tracks for US label Shannachie’s music of O’Carolan & Christmas album Silently Falls The Snow.


With John Renbourn, Tony Roberts & Maggie Boyle, forms ‘Ship Of Fools,’ and records album for US label Flying Fish. Tours Canada and USA (playing New York’s Central Park) to great success.


Embarks on a 2nd US Ship Of Fools tour and includes Italy & UK.
Fired by his own interest in the instrument, he commissions the Kinkade brothers of Bristol to resurrect the Arpeggione (bowed guitar)


Records a 2nd Run River album, the all instrumental Swans at CoolePlays mandolin and arpeggione on friend Bert Jansch’s album ‘The Ornament Tree,’ also on Run River. Both albums released on Gold Castle in US. Moves to Yorkshire.


Records Of Moor & Mesa with Maggie Boyle for Run River in the UK and Green Linnet in the US.


‘Of Moor & Mesa’ voted Album Of The Year on Boston’s prestigious folk radio station, WUMB.


Steve and Maggie tour USA and Canada.


Sets up own label, Hubris, and releases And So It Goes. Secures a US release on Rounder/Flying Fish. Completes a solo tour of US. Fairport Convention record Steve’s classic songs, The Slip Jigs & Reels and The Naked Highwayman, for their album Jewel in the Crown.


A further Rounder release for the duo, All Under The Sun, is recorded with backing from Fairport Convention members.


Tours Australia. Steve and Maggie Boyle split up. Fairport Convention records Here’s to Tom Paine, from All Under The Sun.  Irish songstress Dolores Keane records The Night Owl, (from ’Of Moor & Mesa’) as the title track of her latest album.


Steve records Solorubato for Fellside; as the title suggests it is virtually solo Steve vox and guitar. Tours US. An Acoustic Confusion, is re-released on American label, Scenescoff.


Releases first ‘Best Of,’ album: The Greening Wind for Hubris to great critical acclaim. Tours US. Fairport Convention records ‘Rocky Road’ from Solorubato. Tours UK &US.


Tours UK with Fairport Convention. Releases first live album Live Hemistry for Hubris with tracks taken from tour plus Australian live radio recordings. Life by Misadventure re-released on Market Square Records.


I Really Wanted You from Acoustic Confusion, covered by Chicago band Mascott. Track subsequently used as a Super Bowl soundtrack.


Such & Such released to further acclaim on Market Square. Voted Album Of The Year on WUMB Boston. Steve publishes his first Songbook. Tours UK with support from Anna Ryder, Jethro Tull’s Maartin Alcock and Clive Bunker. Special guest is daughter Martha who has now recorded her first album.
Back in UK, watching TV at home, surprised to find himself the answer to a question on popular quiz show, ‘Mastermind’!


Featured guest on Andy Kershaw Show. In the studio recording first all-traditional album.
UK, US and Australia dates support ongoing sales of ‘Such & Such’ and an ever-expanding back catalogue.


Tour with Brooks Williams – A Transatlantic Song-Swap.
Of Many Hands
released to critical acclaim – a favourite of BBC Radio 2s Mike Harding, in the top ten WUMB Boston and the top five best of 2005


Toured with Chris Parkinson. A DVD in the Guitar Maestro series released in March.


Touring for the first time with daughter Martha Tilston the “like father, like daughter…” tour.
Reaching Back CD boxed set retrospective released by Free Reed Records.


New CD Ziggurat released June.   Radio 2 “live”: Mike Harding and Bob Harris.


Features in “Bristol Folk” book.


Celebrates 40 years as a professional musician and a significant birthday! His first novel All for Poor Jack an historical tale set in Bristol and the “New World” is published by Isthmus Books.


Band collaboration with the Durbervilles. New solo album The Reckoning released in July. Trio with Keith Warmington & Stuart Gordon. Mike Harding interview, appears on LATER with Jools Holland, records Songwriters’ Circle show for BBC Four, nominated in BBC Folk Awards “Best Original Song”.


BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards winner Best Original Song. Writes for new series of Olympics themed Radio Ballads. Contributes a song to the Lone Boat Project CD Harbour of Songs.


Learns that Bob Dylan has been reading All for Poor Jack. Recording for a new CD with Keith Warmington & Stuart Gordon, Happenstance – released 2 September.


Bob Harris in session. Writing for a new release in 2015…


Film Danny Collins starring Al Pacino based on Steve’s lost John Lennon letter story, in UK cinemas late spring. Steve attends premiere. New album Truth to Tell released in July.