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singer songwriter & guitarist


Quotes…the musician’s musician

He is one of my and Fairport Convention’s favourite performers. If you haven’t heard him, I suggest you go and check him out as soon as possible. A remarkable talent!  Dave Pegg, Fairport Convention

It seems to me that Steve Tilston has never sought fame on anything but his own terms. He has been driven by his own enthusiasm for his chosen subject matter.  He writes beautiful words and melodies and when our generation of songwriters is assessed on our contribution to our time, Steve’s work will rank alongside much better known artists.  Ralph McTell

Steve Tilston has an annoying habit of doing things with his guitar and lyrics that I wish I’d thought of first, coupled with an integrity of expression that compels me to say things like this in public. Chris Smither

One of the select band of songwriters with the vision to write great songs rooted in the tradition. Robin Williamson

A songwriter and guitarist I admire. Bert Jansch

Over the years Steve has become my all-time favourite songwriter on the British acoustic guitar scene. He’s a fine singer who combines beautifully executed original melodies with superb lyrics on almost every subject under the sun.  Wizz Jones


Quotes…the critics roundup

[1] of the great voices of English music, [1] of the great composers of English music… I have so much respect for Steve Tilston. Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

Tilston achieves a great sound that percolates. It is a wonderful combination of a great voice matched by equally impressive instrumental work blended with just-right production. This charming CD will appeal to a broader range of listeners.  Sing out!

Steve Tilston, in case events have conspired to conceal the fact from you thus far, is that very rare combination of singer, songwriter and guitarist who actually excels in all departments. Folk Roots

His musicianship is beyond question, while the arrangements set a standard against which other acoustic/roots albums ought to be measured. The Daily Telegraph

Please don’t ask me how he does it; I don’t know the chemical formula for stardust. What I do know is that Steve Tilston has a rare and precious gift that transcends mere musical ability. Folk on Tap

…can stand shoulder to shoulder with any guitarist/songwriter in the world. Dirty Linen

Unlike many of his contemporaries though, his work simply gets better as time goes on. Mojo

Steve Tilston, singer songwriter and exquisite guitarist… is hard on the heels of Richard Thompson in the perennially underrated stakes.  Q Magazine

…absurdly accomplished singer/songwriter and guitarist. Living Tradition

His music has a flow and poignancy, which makes it, stand out from the plethora of singer/guitarists on the scene. Guitar Magazine

…He’s an unsung hero quietly going about the art of music making. Zip Code


Quotes… Happenstance

…great stuff…great fun, wonderful playing and top songs, what more do you want from an evening. Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2

The trio setting brings out the jauntier side of Tilston’s writing, while giving an opportunity for him to demonstrate his instrumental skill. **** the guardian

Brilliant stuff! Mike Harding

…an artist still very much at the top of his game. Living Tradition 

Quotes… The Reckoning

A great narrator on top form. The Observer ****

…dominated by Tilston’s exquisite guitar work and features two spirited solo instrumental tracks, including a suitably virtuosic tribute to [Davey] Graham. The Guardian ****

…songs of great heart, delivered with authority and instrumental panache. The Scotsman ****

It’s impressive, enjoyable and demands a push of the repeat button. Taplas

…yet another excellent album… Maverick ****

…proudly accomplished and gloriously strong new offering from this most consistent of our contemporary English song-smiths …who just can’t seem to put a finger wrong. fROOTS

Tilston is a unique, evolved character, and truly worth listening to. Scotland on Sunday 

Quotes… Ziggurat

…it’s a testament to his skill as a songwriter that he’s still penning such memorable songs. Acoustic magazine

…there are some innately very beautiful songs here, whose immediate appeal is further enhanced by their truly lovely musical settings. fROOTS

…the delicately picked opening bars of The Road When I was Young made me sit up. By the time Tilston’s intoxicating voice kicked in I was hooked. Maverick

It is a rich and lyrical testament from a songwriter steeped in historical landscapes of England and its traditional music…paints vivid verbal tableaux, knotted together by strong narratives …a lyricist attracted to the rich details that bring alive a story or a setting. Songlines

…the triumphant return of the songsmith’s songsmith…he tells musical stories unlike any of his contemporaries…it’s a cracker – over an hour of Tilston charm. Living Tradition

…in better form than I’ve ever heard him. Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2

…there will be few better discs released this year. Unreservedly recommended.  Fish Records

Quotes… Reaching Back

…it’s a set you very probably need even if you don’t think you do!… Netrhythms

Quotes… Of Many Hands

If there were any justice in the world, Steve Tilston’s mantelpiece would be sagging under the weight of awards. Dave Haslam, Taplas

Classic songs sung beautifully – a truly wonderful CD. Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2

100% – exactly what we’ve come to expect from Steve Tilston. John Tams

It’s a fine record – genuinely innovative. Steve has always been a guitarist I’ve greatly admired, one of the best in Britain. Richard Thompson

It’s all magic of the highest order, assembled with typical Tilston tastefulness… netrhythms

…but Best in Show must go to Steve for this hugely pleasurable listening experience.

Alan Rose – Living Tradition

…a refined and perfectly paced masterwork. Colin Randall, Telegraph

Quotes… Such & Such

Another highly polished collection from Tilston. fROOTS

Soul food for those who appreciate quality words and music… Barfly, Australia

Basically, you must own this; it’s in a different class.