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  • 24/04/14 Dalbeattie at The Birchvale Theatre
  • 24/05/14 Hebden Bridge at Guitar/Song-writing Workshop with Steve Tilston
  • 29/05/14 Belper at Belper Arts Festival

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Swans at Coole

swans cover

Swans at Coole  1990 ~ Run River Records RRA 011

Rhapsody (23:54)
Guitar & Mandolin: Steve Tilston
Flute, Whistle & Percussion: Maggie Boyle
Cello: Tony Hinnigan
1st Violin: Stuart Gordon
2nd Violin: Paul Boyle
Uilleann Pipes @ Whistle: Tommy Keane
Bodhran: Mike Taylor

The Wind That Shakes The Barley/
The Ladies Pantalette
s (2:36)
Traditional Reels arranged by Tilston
Guitar: Steve Tilston
Banjo: Kevin Boyle
Violin: Stuart Gordon

Planxty Corcordon (2:38)
OCarolan arranged by Tilston
Violin: Stuart Gordon

Prelude (5:23)
Arpeggione and Guitar: Steve Tilston
Flute: Maggie Boyle

Ernie Clarke’s Lament (3:20)
Arpeggione and Guitar: Steve Tilston
Flute: Maggie Boyle
Violin: Stuart Gordon

Lullabye (5:02)
Guitar and Arpeggione: Steve Tilston

The Monaghan Jig (3:05)
Traditional arrangement
Guitar: Steve Tilston


Recorded by Michael Klein;
Produced by Steve Tilston and Michael Klein;
Front cover painting by Binny Underhill;
Back cover photo by Fausto Dorelli;
Sleeve design by Paul Ansell and Gary Marsh