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Songs From The Dress Rehearsal

songs from the dress rehersal

Songs From The Dress Rehearsal 1977 ~ Cornucopia Records

Cornucopia Records, no number (LP, UK, 1977)
Market Square MSMCD132 (CD, UK, March 7, 2005)

01 Do What You Please (Hey Girl)  3:45 Do What You Please
02 Face Of A Friend  3:46 Face Of A Friend
03 She’s The Woman  3:20  
04 The Greening Wind  5:26  
05 Impressions  3:51  
06 In The Light Tonight  2:49  
07 Make Time For Love  3:07  
08 Coming Into Love Again  3:28  
09 Fairground Rock ‘N’ Roll  6:05  
10 Rain All Around  3:51  
11 Help Yourself To This Song  3:05  
  CD Bonus Tracks    
12 In Limbo  3:35  
13 Man Of Mystery  3:05  
14 Mr Dreamer  3:12  
15 Sing For Salvation  2:56  
16 Love’s An Illusion  2:55  
17 I’ll Be There  3:16  

All tracks written by Steve Tilston



Steve Tilston, vocals, guitar
Rupert Hine, keyboards
Mike Giles, drums, percussion
John G. Perry, bass
Keith Warmington, harmonica, backing vocals
John Renbourn, second guitar [4]


LP produced by Rupert Hine in 1976 at Verwood Studios, Hampshire, England;
Engineered by Mike Giles
CD bonus tracks [12-17] produced by Stefan Grossmann in 1979 at Livingston Studios, London, England;
Engineered by Nick Kinsey

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