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Steve in the Guardian today!

Guardian photoSteve was at the premiere in London on Monday for the new film Danny Collins, starring Al Pacino which was inspired by the story of his “lost” letter from John Lennon.

Jude Rogers from the Guardian (photo David Levene) had a chat with Steve; you can   read the full interview here and in the paper “proper” today.

It’s a good story!

Steve at Danny Collins premiere with Al Pacino!

JF_DANNY_COLLINS_PREM_18_05_2015_500On Monday Steve and family were at the premiere of Danny Collins, the new movie starring Al Pacino in the title role. Steve consulted on the film, which was inspired by the news story about the letter from John Lennon which Steve knew nothing about until 34 years after it was sent. You can watch interviews with Al, Steve and the producer recorded at the premiere here

Steve Tilston on BBC North West Tonight

Steve did a short interview for North West Tonight talking about the new film Danny Collins inspired by the story of his “lost” John Lennon letter and starring Al Pacino. Watch on iplayer starts just after 18 minutes into the programme. Sorry programme no longer available.

Steve interviewed by the New York Times

The new film Danny Collins, featuring Al Pacino in the title role, loosely inspired by the story of Steve’s “lost” letter from John Lennon, is released in the USA this week. You can read the New York Times feature, including excerpts from Steve’s interview here

Now booking – Steve Tilston & Jez Lowe!

S&J pic 198 small

Writes & Songs Tour – November 2015

Two of the UK Acoustic/Folk scene’s finest songwriters join forces for a series of concerts filled with songs and music, chat and banter and intimate insights into their approach to their craft.

Head to head, neck and neck (guitar necks, that is!) listen in as they rekindle the spontaneity of their late-night living-room song swaps. Questions, answers, anecdotes and anarchy… and a very special evening of music.

This is something they’ve wanted to do since sharing the stage in the USA a while back so we’re excited to say it’s coming together for next year, jointly booked by Different Strings Music Agency and Oscar Music Agency.

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